April 2022 Edition * SOLD OUT *

April 2022 Edition * SOLD OUT *

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Didi’s Deluxe Bead Box April 2022 Edition      

Theme: Vintage Bouquet

With Mother’s Day celebration fast approaching, we wanted to curate a special edition to honor all mothers near & far, from soft tones to rich pinks and hues of greens, we thought this Vintage Flower theme would fit the occasion just.. PERFECTLY!!

Materials include..

10” 8mm strawberry shape 2-tone taupe faceted crystals (approx.35pcs)

7” 8mm smooth strawberry quartz (approx. 22pcs)

7” 6mm smooth pink chalcedony jade (approx. 30pcs)

7” 6mm smooth green Taiwan jade (approx. 30pcs)

8” 6x4mm electroplated gold fuchsia faceted crystals (approx. 43pcs)

1pc 40x30 vintage bouquet cabochon

30pcs 10x6mm 2 pink tones lily of the valley Lucite flower bells

1pc 50x40mm antique brass filigree component

4pcs 20x13mm antique brass filigree heart design connectors

12pcs 5mm antique brass rhinestone rondelles

10pcs 15mm x 1mm hole antique brass curved tubes

12” 6x4mm antique brass soldered cable chain

12pcs antique brass star design iron drops

BONUS: 3pcs 8mm floral print on evergreen glass beads


I hope this month’s edition has inspired you…Happy BEADING!! 
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