April 2024 Edition * Pastel Bliss *

April 2024 Edition * Pastel Bliss *

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Didi’s Deluxe Bead Box April 2024 Edition 

Theme:  Pastel Bliss

What does Spring, Easter and Cotton Candy have in common?? 


Let’s dive into this month's edition celebrating

renewal and beauty with a delightful theme

bursting with unique pastel treasures.


Materials include..

Pastel Bliss themed “INSPIRE by Czech” Designer Strand

15” 6mm Rainbow Selenite Mix  (approx. 60pcs)

8” 2x6mm Ocean Blue Jade Heishi Rondelle (approx. 85pcs)

7” 6mm Smooth AB Quartz (approx. 30pcs)

15” 6x4mm Pastel Crystal Rondelle Mix (approx. 85pcs)

12” 6x4mm Frosted Pale Pink Crystals (approx. 60pcs)

15” 6mm Natural Fragrant Burmese Rosewood (approx. 65pcs)

1pc 28x14mm Gold Framed Ocean Blue Connector

4pcs 14K Plated Daisy Connectors

2pcs 14k Plated Lily Flower Connectors

12”/1 ft 14k Plated Mini Heart Chain

30pcs 5 Petals Gold Plated Bead Caps

2pcs 40mm Vibrant Abstract Filigree/Laser Cut Charms

1pc 55mm Turquoise Green Cotton Tassel Charm

2pcs 30mm AB Orchid Curve Tube Sliders (High-Quality Acrylic)

BONUS: 1pc 25mm 14K Plated ”Love Yourself First” Heart Charm



I hope this month’s edition has inspired you…Happy BEADING!!

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