July 2024 Edition * Cleopatra & The Pyramid

July 2024 Edition * Cleopatra & The Pyramid

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Didi’s Deluxe Bead Box July 2024 Edition 

Theme: Cleopatra & The Pyramid

Inspired by an image of Cleopatra, I was drawn to curate a rich tone palette featuring Red, Blues, Ochre and Golds symbolizing one of her various outfits and the history of Ancient Egypt.


Materials include..

Cleopatra-themed “INSPIRE by Czech” Designer Strand

7.5” 8mm Blue Mosaic Cloisonne/Impression Jasper (approx. 23pcs)

7.5” 12x5mm Lapiz Bamboo Gemstone (approx. 16pcs)

6.5” 6mm Faceted Lapiz Cubes Gemstone (approx. 30pcs)

7.5” 6mm Smooth Yellow Mookaite  (approx. 28pcs)

12.5” 6x4mm Opaque Egyptian Blue Rectangle Crystals (approx. 50pcs)

14” 4mm Wine Red Electroplated Silver Faceted Crystals (approx. 95pcs)

12” 6x4mm Egyptian Palace Crystal Mix (approx. 65pcs)

8.5” 4mm 14K Gold Plated Pyramid Hematite (approx. 65pcs)

30pcs 6mm Bronze Hexagon Hematite

2pcs 12mm Egyptian Blue Czech Glass Evil Eye Beads

2pcs 18x10mm Indigo Gold Swirl Vintage Lucite Melon Teardrops

2pcs 30x22mm Antique Bronze Chandelier Components

2pcs 30mm Antique Bronze Egyptian Eye of Horus Charm/Pendant

4pcs 10mm Antique Bronze Diamond Shape Bead Frames

10pcs 15x10mm Antique Bronze Vintage Lucite Lantern Beads

BONUS: 22x12mm Stainless Steel Lapiz Pyramid Pendant


Order Error:  the yellow Mookaite s/be a strand and not a stretch bracelet


I hope this month’s edition has inspired you…Happy BEADING!!

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