Orangesicle Handcrafted Heart Cabochon

Orangesicle Handcrafted Heart Cabochon

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All KARIKA's Heart Cabs measures 35x30x8mm - 1pc

Get your hands on these Unique & One of a Kind Resin Based Heart Cabochon handcrafted by KARIKA Beads, each with gorgeous vibrant color mix and smooth textured surface and flatback can easily be worked in all Beading, Wire Wrapping, Macrame, Jewelry Making projects. Fascinating designs to inspire each individual artist.  ** These heart cabs are more stunning in person than pictured.  ** ONLY 1 AVAIL **

 Meet the Artist behind KARIKA Beads Buttons & Cabs  

Ever since I can remember I always had a passion for anything creative and working with my hands. From card making to paper making that led to bookbinding. I was self-taught and enjoyed each learning experience immensely. I love color, especially contrasting colors and abstract arts.

I kept finding new creative endeavors until the day I accidentally stumbled upon an eco-friendly resin-based product that I could make beads with. At first, it was a lot of experimenting, trials, and errors but after about 5 years I developed my newfound craft using many different techniques to color, shape and hand form each piece.

I love using metallics acrylics oil pastels, colored inks and powder pigments and make each piece by hand. They are all unique, fun, lightweight and durable. I only make a limited quantity of each design ensuring that you are truly getting a one-of-a-kind bead set.

When I started making cabochons, I learned the art of wire weaving so I could show off my pretty cabochons. It took a lot of practice but I fell in love with how the two arts came together perfectly to create a beautiful piece of wearable art. Over the years I have gotten lots of positive feedback so I decided it was time to share my work more publicly and so Karika Beads came into existence.

It gives me great pleasure to know that my beads and cabs will travel great distances ending up in other jewelry artists' hands for their very own beautiful creations. I hope to inspire you with my art as I myself have been inspired to create them.

Maggie owner of Karika Beads

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